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About Top Shelf Bartenders

During my early bar tending days, I quickly realized this was the industry I wanted to earn a living in. I truly enjoy the fact that I can meet new people, and make them happy within minutes of meeting them. There is no other career like it, where you can earn a great living, have fun while doing it, and hone my skills at the same time. After becoming one of the most respected bartenders in Southwest Florida, I came to the conclusion it was time to "raise the bar" and open my own private bartending service... And so Top Shelf Bartenders was created. Over the last few years we have enjoyed catering to countless events all over Southwest Florida, ranging from large weddings, to backyard barbecues with success. Recently we have received such accolades as being accepted into the National Association of Wedding Professionals, and hold a 5 star review from each and every customer. Master mixologist for over 10+ years expands his bar tending services to your next event!We have offically been open for 1 year to date!


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