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Jason was our Bartender for our Wedding back in September of 2013. Jason's service is top notch! No one was ever without a soda, juice, beer or a mixed drink. Jason is super friendly, fast, efficient with a knowledge of all liquors. The mixed drinks were by far very tasteful. Everything ran very smoothly as he took care of about 100 guest at our outdoor beach wedding. Jason delivers professional and exceptional service and if that is what your are looking for Jason is your GUY!! Christina P.


I hired Jason to bartend at my wedding including the purchasing and setup of all related. The party of over 100 at my home was a big success. Jason never let anyone wait for a drink. He learns each person's drink and usually hands it to them before they even ask.. We hired him again for my niece's wedding and my 50th bd party, again with over 100 people attending. I highly recommend Jason Bhimji for any party big or small, he is a valuable component for a good time. John G.


Jason is an extremely knowledgeable, fun, and enthusiastic person and an absolute joy to work with!! He takes pride in everything he does and gives 110%. I would recommend him to ANYONE! He is amazing!!! Elizabeth K.

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An excellent experience from start to finish. Would highly recommend him to anyone. Robb D.


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